Family Health & Mental Wellness Outreach Program

Veterans Farm Network

VETERANS FARM NETWORK (VFN), is a transformational program to create a living therapeutic, research and development capability to implement a 'Repeatable Horticulture & Agricultural Model' that can be implemented across Canada and managed by small family units consisting of Canadian Armed Forces members and their families as they transition from active duty or be returned to active duty.

There will be a series of campuses of greenhouses nationwide with their own shared services and logistics capabilties feeding in to a new supply chain of established buyers. It is the hope that all elements will be run, in whole or in part, by CAF members with mental health challenges and their families fully supported by educators, doctors, nurses, local growers and military resources and families both formal and informal.

The VFN is still in its planning stages and will be a highlite announcement of FORCES & FAMILIES' 10th anniversary in 2017 as part of its continuing 'Family Health and Mental Wellness Outreach Program'.

Please follow us for ongoing updates in 2017.

John Randolph, Chairman, FORCES & FAMILIES



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2017 Events Calendar

FORCES & FAMILIES 2017 Events Calendar

January 21: Canadian Armed Forces night at the Toronto Maple Leafs

April 9: VIMY RIDGE 100th Anniversary Reception

June 24: Ladies First Hockey Foundation
             Golf Tournament in support of 
             the Canadian Womens' Olympic
             Hockey Team & their families 

Dec. 13 : 10th Anniversary of FORCES & FAMILIES Celebration, Toronto

Feb. 10, 2018: Canadian Armed Forces night at the Toronto Maple leafs 


















Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation Day Golf 2016

FORCES & FAMILIES would like to thank all who supported & attended the General Rick Hillier Classic, an official Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation Day event on at the Thornhill Golf & CC in Toronto.

Breakfast @ VIMY RIDGE

Thanks to All who joined us to commemorate

100th Anniversary of VIMY RIDGE 

@ the Jazz Bistro in Toronto

on Sunday April 9th

A special thanks to the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces
and their families who joined us from

Canadian 4th Division, HMCS York and Canadian Forces College

under the leadership of

Brigadier General Stephen Cadden & Commanding Officer Robert Johnston







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