Family Health & Mental Wellness Outreach Program

A Tangible New Program to Battle Mental Wellness

John Randolph on behalf of FORCES & FAMILIES is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with FeelingBetterNow® (FBN), www.feelingbetternow.com, an award-winning, online mental health management program developed by Canadian doctors as part of its Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Family Health and Mental Wellness Outreach Program. With FBN, individuals can confidentially assess their mental wellness (health) on their PC or mobile device and find out if they are at risk for conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD or other debilitating mental health problems. FBN identifies risk levels and creates an immediate, personalized and downloadable action plan that can be shared with a care provider to collaboratively develop a path to wellness. FBN also helps individuals find a family doctor in their province, or a 24/7 mental health crisis hotline near them. 

Additionally, FeelingBetterNow® offers a wealth of self-care tools that can help individuals practice good mental health. This includes fun and engaging mobile apps for stress reduction, online therapy options and PDF workbooks that can help manage symptoms. FeelingBetterNow® has been developed by Mensante Corporation, and is currently available to over a million Canadians through their employers. 

Dr. Sam Ozersky, the CEO of Mensante Corporation, was awarded the 2008 Community Based Physician Innovation Award for his role in developing FeelingBetterNow®. Mensante is a client of the Canadian innovation incubator ‘MaRS’ in Toronto located next to Toronto General Hospital.  

In 2016 FORCES & FAMILIES will be bringing FeelingBetterNow® to organizations nationwide whether they be military or civilian in its ongoing efforts to positively impact the lives of all Canadians who are affected by mental wellness challenges at home and in their place of work.  


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2016 Events Calendar

FORCES & FAMILIES 2016 Events Calendar

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February 20: Canadian Armed Forces night at the ACC

March: FORCES & FAMILIES Reception: Staff College, Toronto

May 16: CAF Appreciation Golf: Thornhill Golf & CC, Toronto

June: "Good as Gold", Women's Hockey Foundation

July: Calgary Stampede

August: CNE, Toronto

October: Family Skate, Halifax

November 11: Remembrance Day

















Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation Day Golf 2016

FORCES & FAMILIES would like to thank all who supported & attended the General Rick Hillier Classic, an official Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation Day event on May 16th at the Thornhill Golf & CC in Toronto.

Please see our full page thank you in the May 25th edition of the Globe & Mail. 

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The Globe and Mail Metro (Ontario Edition)

Veterans Farm Network
February 19: FORCES & FAMILIES exciting new Veterans Farm Network program covered by the Globe & Mail.
The first phase of the VFN project is the creation of a Research and Development Agricultural Facility to support the reintegration of Canadian Armed Forces members and their Families into the Canadian Workforce & Society.
With the generous and vital support of many people, sponsors and organizations this program will develop a living laboratory, research and development facility to understand what is required to create a 'repeatable agricultural model' that can be implemented from coast to coast to coast and managed by a small family unit of a CAF member, veteran and their family.
Partnerships with private sector organizations, government agencies and critical institutions such as Niagara College are essential to provide a range of educational support services, advice, research and analysis to achieve successful and sustainable implementation. Please stay in touch for regular announcements and updates.
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